Railing Systems are composed of posts, cables, fittings, and a top rail. We recommend selecting your posts first, then your top rail and cable, as these choices will determine your fittings.

Post Options

Round Stainless Steel
Square Stainless Steel

Top Rail Options

Rect. Aluminum
Shaped Aluminum
Round Stainless
Flat Stainless

Cable Options

1x19 1/8"
1x19 3/16"
7x7 3/16"

The cable will be secured to the first and last posts of your run using end fittings, some of which will also allow you to tension your cables. Find the fittings that are right for your post material, cable thickness, and aesthetic preferences.

With your posts, top rail, cable, fittings, and all necessary connecting pieces and components, you now have a completed cable railing system by Cable Railing Direct! Unless, of course, there are certain accessory pieces you plan to add to it, such as a handrail, support for a wood top rail, or a custom matching gate. These products can be found in the sections below.

All systems include instructions and necessary pieces, but certain steps, like swaging, require additional tools. These tools can be bought in our store or you can have us professionally handle the process for you prior to shipping. Read more about our Tools & Services.

If you’d like some elaboration or clarification on any of the steps and decisions mentioned above, take a look at our HOW TO page. We also have an FAQ, and offer email and phone assistance to address all your questions and concerns.

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