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These Marine Grade Stainless Steel Posts are made from the same resilient material as our cable and end fittings, with a square shape similar to our ALUMINUM POSTS, though slightly thinner. This option combines a classic square shape with the modern luster of strong, shining steel.

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We suggest selecting your posts first, as this decision will influence other pieces of your system. Choose TERMINAL POSTS for the first and last posts in your run. Choose the necessary amount of INTERMEDIATE POSTS to guide the cable between these end points. Combine the posts with a ROUND STAINLESS STEEL, RECTANGULAR ALUMINUM, SHAPED ALUMINUM, or WOOD TOP RAIL for a complete frame, and fill it with CABLE and the appropriate END FITTINGS. If you need any design or ordering help, give us a call anytime at 855-820-8439.

For more information about this post option, see the SQUARE STAINLESS STEEL INFORMATION PAGE. For inspiration, see the CRD RAILING GALLERY. For general cable railing information, check out our CABLE SYSTEMS OVERVIEW. We also have a HOW TO page that breaks down cable railing construction and ordering decisions in more detail and a FAQ for online assistance.

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