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While our railing systems are designed for easy installation, some inevitable aspects of the process require time, effort, and specialized tools that not all homeowners want to deal with. For customers interested in a simpler, more streamlined process with the assurance of a professional quality end product, we encourage taking advantage of some of our available services.

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Most notably, we offer pre-swaged fittings, where we crimp your cables into the fittings you chose prior to shipment. This way, you receive your cables with the fittings already attached and don’t have to swage them on yourself. We also offer hole drilling, post cutting, and other services that reduce installation time and effort for our customers. You can learn more about these services on our SERVICES INFORMATION PAGE, or give us a call at 855-820-8439 to figure out which services are best for you.

In addition to the general services listed here, we can also do special project-specific customizations for any aspect of your railing system, since we handle product fabrication in-shop. Talk to one of our estimators to hash out these more individualized order requests.

Some of the items in our shop have already received these services, such as our Pre-Swaged Fittings and Drilled Posts. These products bundle the service cost into the total. Order the unserviced versions of these products (unswaged, undrilled, etc.) if you plan to make these adjustments on site or if you require unique customization.

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