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This section contains all of our Wood Post options and related components. Available in multiple species and sizes, all of our wood posts are engineered for increased visual consistency and structural integrity, resulting in a more beautiful and resilient post, ideal for cable railing systems.

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A couple things to consider:

  1. How tall do you want your system to be? 36” or 42”?
  2. How do you plan to install your posts? To the top of the surface (deck mount) or to the side of it (fascia mount)?
  3. Which species would you prefer? Batu Mahogany or Western Red Cedar? If choosing Cedar, which size would best suit your project? 4×4 or 6×6? Both sizes work for any application, and can even be mixed in the same project for increased visual interest.
  4. How many Terminal, Intermediate, and Undrilled posts will you need? While we cut our intermediate and terminal posts from the same beams of wood, the hole sizes we drill are different. The holes on Terminal Posts are larger, since these posts mark the beginning and end of a run and as such must anchor and accommodate the cable end fittings. The Intermediate Posts merely guide the cable, needing holes only large enough for the cable to pass through. Order the necessary number of pre-drilled intermediate and terminal posts for your run, or order undrilled posts to be drilled on site. Undrilled posts can also be used for stairs and ramps, allowing for project-specific angled holes.

Learn more about our wood species on our WOOD PRODUCT CATEGORY PAGE. Combine your wood posts with a MATCHING WOOD TOP RAIL.

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