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Below are all our Square Stainless Steel Post options and compatible components for completion and installation, including mounting brackets, post caps (in two height options), elbows, joints, compatible hardware, etc.

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Consider while ordering:

  1. Will your system be 36” tall or 42”?
  2. Do you plan to attach your posts to the top (deck mount) or side (fascia mount) of your desired surface?
  3. How many terminal posts will you need? These posts mark the beginnings and ends of runs, baring the force of the cables, which are secured there via cable end fittings. The rest of the posts in your run will be intermediate posts, guiding the cable without having to withstand the full tension of the cables.

Our Square Stainless Steel Posts offer a classic shape option for this vibrant and famously strong material. Perfect for a subtle touch of style, especially when combined with our beautiful WOOD TOP RAILS. Or, choose between our FLAT RECTANGULAR and ROUND STAINLESS STEEL TOP RAILS for a complete marine-grade stainless steel railing system.

We also offer stainless steel ROUND POSTS, for an alternative shape. For a different material in a similar shape, see our ALUMINUM and WOOD POSTS. Learn more about this material on our SQUARE STAINLESS STEEL INFORMATION PAGE.

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