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Below are all our Round Stainless Steel Post options and associated components, including mounting brackets, post caps, compatible hardware, elbow options, and more.

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Here are a couple things to consider while choosing your posts:

  1. How tall do you want your system? 36” or 42”?
  2. Will the posts be Deck Mounted (to the top of the desired surface) or Fascia Mounted (to the side of a surface)?
  3. How many of your posts will be used as terminals (posts where the run starts and stops) and how many will be intermediate (the posts in between)? Our Round Stainless Steel Terminal Posts are thicker than the standard post, for additional strength and reinforcement against the tension of the cables.

Our Round Stainless Steel Posts offer a unique aesthetic that makes the most of stainless steel’s natural luster through a corner-less shape that catches the light from every angle. Combine them with our ROUND STAINLESS STEEL TOP RAIL for a complete, matching system, or mix them with our FLAT STAINLESS STEEL TOP RAIL or any of our WOOD TOP RAILS. No matter what you choose, the result will be a distinctly bright and stylish railing frame that nicely accents any project.

We also offer this post material in a SQUARE SHAPE. For a different metal option, see our ALUMINUM RAILINGS. Learn more about this material on our ROUND STAINLESS STEEL INFORMATION PAGE.

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