Why We Import Ipe

We want to assure our clients that our wood is harvested responsibly. This means that our suppliers foster and maintain the forests they manage, promoting their longevity while reinforcing their value. Forestry often gets confused with deforestation, which is a serious issue many rainforests face, but we at CRD understand the difference and went out of our way to make sure our suppliers take care of their forests.

First of all, international wood trade accounts for a very small percentage of exotic wood consumption. According to a study commissioned by GREENPEACE in Germany, forestry only accounts for 6% of forest depletion in tropical countries. The other 94% is caused by poverty, population pressures, and changes in agriculture. Additionally, only 17% of tropical roundwood production is for industrial use, the rest being used for fuel and energy. 81% of that 17% used industrially is consumed domestically. All in all, this means only 1.1% of exotic wood is being harvested for international industrial purposes.

In other words, internal consumption is the main perpetrator of deforestation. International trade, on the other hand, actually helps these countries’ economies and protects rainforests by giving the land value in the global market. This value encourages sustainable practices and keeps the land from being razed and repurposed.

When you buy our Ipe products, you can rest assured that not only are you buying a solid, beautiful railing system for your property, but you’re helping the rainforests while doing so!

Browse the Ipe Section of our store, or learn more about this remarkable ironwood on our Ipe Information Page.

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