Glass Railing Systems Are NOT For The Birds

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What is your relationship with birds?

Do you love birds with a passion? Did you specifically choose your home because it’s under one of the flyways stretching across the continent? Maybe you just like to place a couple feeders and baths in your yard, anticipating their colorful appearance. Maybe you enjoy listening to them sing through an open window. Or, maybe you couldn’t care less where birds are or what they’re doing. Regardless of your disposition towards birds, I’m willing to bet you aren’t maliciously trying to kill them (unless you’re a cat).

Unfortunately, even if you don’t intend to injure or kill birds, you may do so unintentionally by installing a glass railing system. Birds don’t understand glass the way humans do. They see through it, or see a reflection in it, and assume they can pass straight through, only to collide with the pane at full-speed.

Windows already pose a threat, but a wall of glass winding around your deck increases the potential danger exponentially. Considering the correlation between wildlife proximity and decking, often times the most extensive railing systems are also the closest to bird habits. Since glass and birds don’t mix well, this can pose a threat to native bird species.

Instead of creating a hazard for the winged residents of your area, consider installing a cable railing system!

Cable railing won’t present a deceptive reflection or hard surface for birds to crash into. It’s not completely invisible like glass, making it easier to see and avoid. Birds can even pass between the cables if they want to. This is because of something conservationists refer to as the “2×4 rule,” which is the basis for many products and home remedies that obstruct window reflections. Research suggests that birds will not attempt to fly through vertical spaces less than 4 inches wide, or horizontal spaces less than 2 inches high. Since the openings between our cables are generally 3 inches high, this is more than enough space for birds to comfortably clear.

Choose a railing system that will make the most of your view while not threatening neighboring fauna. Browse our gallery for some design ideas. You can also call 1-888-686-7245 or send an email to quotes@stainlesscablerailing.com, and we’ll help you put together the perfect rail for your property!

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