Enjoy Your Deck Whenever You Want with Outdoor Heating

Have you recently remodeled your deck and outdoor space with a safe and reliable cable railing system and beautiful outdoor furniture, but wish you could enjoy it in the colder months?

Outdoor heaters are a great solution that allow you to head outdoors year round! They’re available in a variety of sizes and styles with different fuel and budget options as well. No matter what style you decide on, outdoor heating is a great investment that can help you transform cold days and nights into cozy times of fun and relaxation.

Fire Pit

There’s nothing like a good natural fire to keep you warm and help you immerse yourself in the beauty and experience of being outdoors. Fire pits are a wonderful option for your outdoor space, especially for those that love a good campfire! Fire pits come in a lot of different varieties, including those that are portable as well as those installed right into the surface of the deck. Gas-fueled fire pits and traditional wood burning pits are affordable options.

Portable Heaters

These heating systems are full-sized outdoor units that do not have a fixed fuel line. They’re completely portable, allowing you to move them to wherever you need them and they usually have a 20-foot warmth diameter. Most of them have wheels attached to the bottom for transportation ease and a propane fuel compartment.

Ceiling/Wall Mount Heaters

For smaller spaces that you want left free of clutter, ceiling/wall mount strip heaters are designed to be a permanent part of your outdoor space. They can be installed high up, so they stay out of the reach of pets and children, and they are a perfect solution for garages, greenhouses, or anywhere there is an awning that needs some extra warmth during those cold winter nights. Mounted strip heaters come in natural gas, electric, and propane models.

Tabletop Heaters

These heaters are compact and easy to move. They are also typically very inexpensive and can provide heat in small spaces – usually about 6-7 foot circles – with ease. Many of them have house fuel tank bases and are a great option for small patios or porches.


A chiminea is a cross between a fire pit and a small chimney. They are very popular due to their simple and eye-catching design, and ability to fit a variety of budgets. For people with smaller budgets, there are small chimineas that can provide significant heat for a great price. For those who have larger spaces and larger budgets, chimineas can be built right into the deck to serve as a double fireplace.

Remember that safety always comes first with your outdoor heating system. Read the manual thoroughly before you use the heater and always use as directed.

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