Cable Railings and Waterfront Properties Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

While the rise in cable railing popularity throughout residential and industrial areas seems fairly recent, they’ve been a long-standing favorite in beach towns, lake communities, and riverfront developments. This is because cable railing is particularly perfect for these properties. Here are some reasons why:

Enjoy that breathtaking view of yours. Let’s face it, water is a beautiful element, and it instantly dresses up any environment. Its clear consistency, its flowing movement, the way it shapes and compliments any landscape while inspiring an explosion of greenery in its wake. If you can see water from your property, chances are your panorama makes guests as green as the vista they’re admiring, or at the very least blue that it isn’t theirs. Why block your greatest selling point with pickets? Especially if capturing that view was the reason your house was built in the first place? Obstructing it would then defeat the point of your property, right? Cable railing is incredibly minimal, preserving your view while still providing safety. Whip out your favorite chair, sit back, relax. Your gaze will easily pass through the railing for optimal scenery appreciation, as it should.

Embrace that breeze. One of the best things about living or working near water is the cool, moist air. The gentle wind wafting through your windows provides natural air circulation and brings in all the smells, sounds, and sensations of your surroundings. Obstructive railing systems can inhibit air movement, resulting in more sterile and/or sticky air. This is a particularly potent concern along the coast, due to ocean air’s high salt content. Blocking the breeze also means cutting you off from all the stimuli it carries, a significant part of the waterfront experience. Instead, open up your property with some cable railing, invite those zephyrs in, and enjoy the elements with all your senses!

No wear-and-tear from the salty sea air. CableView Railings™ are made with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel, giving our cables and steel framing products the properties necessary to withstand rainy, windy, and salty conditions while maintaining quality. The same materials in our railing systems are used on sailboats and other marine vessels because of their durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Our stainless steel and aluminum materials are more resistant to rust and corrosion than any other material on the market. You also won’t have to clean them constantly like you would a glass railing.

No need to worry about theme clashing. Just drive through a coastal town or lake-front community and you’ll see a wide variety of architectural styles. Traditional shake-style homes. Mediterranean villas. Elegant, contemporary structures. The list goes on! Some railing options might clash with the architectural theme of your home, or require extensive shopping to find a specific style that works well enough. With cable railing, these worries are negated. Not only is the sleek design compatible with virtually anything, we offer a variety of materials, allowing you to find the combination that best suits your property.

Have a waterfront property? Interested in some railing that will truly make the most of it while withstanding the elements? Call 1-888-686-7245 or send an email to [email protected]

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