Cable Railing Systems in Portland Oregon

When it comes to planning a home improvement project, you want every element to match your exact expectations. If you want to include a cable railing system in your project, it’s important that you order a system that is made up of the highest quality materials to meet those expectations.

Our cable railing systems come in four different design options:

With our aluminum railing systems, you can choose from five colors, three mounting options, three top rail types, and a number of cable infill options. If you’re unsure which combination of these features is best for your needs, we can help with the decision process.

Square stainless steel
Our square stainless steel railings offer beautiful views with a sophisticated design. They’re versatile enough to look natural at your primary residence or the beachfront vacation getaway.

Round stainless steel
Our round stainless steel system is available for posts and top rails. But you can also add your own top rail if you’d like to achieve a different aesthetic. Since round terminal posts are naturally sturdier than the square posts, this makes for quicker ordering and assembly.

Besides their visual appeal, our marine grade stainless steel railing products are durable, affordable and practically maintenance free!

Ipe Wood
Wood is logically, and quite literally, a natural fit to your outdoor living space. Make this classic design element part of your deck project, and do so with the superior qualities of Ipe, which comes from Brazilian Walnut. Benefits include its strength and resistance to splintering, rot and insects, just to name a few.

Benefits of Cable Railing

The popularity of cable railing systems continues to grow for both indoor and outdoor remodeling projects. There are plenty of good reasons you should consider them; here are just a few:

A Clear View
Portland, Oregon homeowners have grown accustomed to the natural beauty that surrounds you. The minimalist design of Cable railings allows for a virtually unobstructed view of those surroundings.

Easy to Maintain
Most people prefer the things in our lives to be low maintenance. With cable railing systems, it’s not exception. Besides providing unobstructed views, your cable railing system is virtually maintenance free. In those rare times that you need to clean it, all it takes is a wet rag and a little soap. No pressure washing needed for cable railing systems!

It’s great to minimize household upkeep. It’s even better when that minimal upkeep lasts for a long time. We only use the best and most durable materials for our cable railing systems, so yours will be around for many years with little for you to do other than enjoy its beauty.

Cable Railing Direct exclusively sells CableView Railing systems, engineered and manufactured by Stainless Cable & Railing Inc. Do you still have questions, or would like to get a quote? You can upload the layout of your project, or simply call us today at (855) 820-8439.

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