Autumn Views… Brought to You By Cable Railing Direct

Cable railing is renowned for a number of reasons, but two main qualities stand out above the rest: the open design and easy maintenance. When autumn turns to winter, leaves layer the ground and soften the earth into a muddy, frost-tinged landscape, this richly-colored season can easily be under-appreciated by an obstructed or dirty view. Free from either of those problems, cable railing truly shines, literally and figuratively, with clean lines that all but disappear against the elements’ calculated chaos.

Here are a few customer-submitted photos that perfectly capture autumn scenery preserved by new cable railing systems by Stainless Cable & Railing Inc.

Cresco, PA

Aluminum Cable Railing

After inheriting a home in the Poconos overlooking thousands of acres of forested valley, these homeowners knew they needed to maintain their new gorgeous view. A railing was necessary due to the elevation, but anything bulky would immediately block the ocean of foliage. They settled on the perfect solution: our bronze aluminum posts and matching top rail support, to blend with the earthy tones of their surroundings, and hardly noticeable cable and fittings.

This project was actually completed during the summer, but the homeowners purposefully held off on sending us photos of the finished railing knowing how the endless field of forest below would turn into a palette of rich tones once the seasons changed. A smart decision on their part that we very much appreciate, as this misty, red-tinged, post-rain-shower valley is truly magical!

Basalt, CO

Bridge Cable Railing
Few things capture the essence of autumn like wooden bridges sprinkled in leaves. The marine-grade stainless steel cable fills in this railing frame to provide safety to all who cross without walling off the picturesque surroundings. With an open view of the trickling brook running below and the banks blanketed in orange leaves, this truly is a fairytale autumn setting brought to life. Wrap yourself in a wool coat and grab some apple cider to-go, it’s time for a stroll!

Bechtelsville, PA

Cable Railing System

While Stainless Steel is largely considered a more industrial or contemporary material, you can’t argue with how well this smooth metal meshes with the stone walls and woods surrounding it at this Pennsylvania home. Caught in warm tones of autumn light passing through vibrant foliage, this railing provides a perfect view of the winding driveway, ready to greet visitors with the site of happy homeowners lounging in blankets and sipping from steaming mugs on a crisp afternoon.

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