An Overview of Ipe Wood

There are a lot of wood styles out there today, but unfortunately many of them are weak, faux woods that are not built to stand the test of time. They may save you money at first, but the lack of quality workmanship means that you may need to replace flooring sooner rather than later and things just won’t hold up as well. But did you know that Ipe wood is a beautiful, top quality wood material that is used for a variety of purposes? Here’s more about what makes Ipe wood so special.

What is ipe?

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is hard Brazilian wood that is found in rainforests in South America. It is so dense that it is often nicknamed as the wood that is “harder than nails” – in fact, it is so hard that it many times needs to be pre-drilled before pieces are attached together. It can last up to 25 years (and even longer if it’s maintained correctly), it’s completely natural, and is scratch resistant. It is also resistant to mildew, mold, fire, and weather.

Where is it used?

You will often see Ipe wood used outdoors on patios, decks, or on siding. It’s also used in cabinetry, flooring and deck or lawn furniture that is made to withstand the elements.

Is it expensive?

Ipe is typically a bit more expensive than other common woods like pine or knotty cedar. However, it’s less than other tropical woods like teak. It’s known to be the highest quality deck wood on the market, so you’re paying for the best.

If you choose to use Ipe in your home, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment by adding instant value to your home. It’s not only dark and beautiful, it’s hearty and will hold up for years to come!

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