About Cable Railing Direct

Cable Railing Direct ships cable railing system products directly to its U.S. and international customers from its 8,000 square foot warehouse in Vancouver, Washington.

To ensure that we give our customers the best product and experience possible, our founder Eric Reimer maintains a close relationship with all of our product suppliers. That includes personally visiting every product manufacturer face-to-face and touring their facilities, ensuring that we find the perfect fit for the products offered at Cable Railing Direct.

In addition to offering the best cable railing products on the market, we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service. We will always treat you right and help you every step of the way of installing your cable railing system.

We understand that your cable railing system is a long-term investment in your property, but that it also has an immediate impact on the functionality and appearance of your home or business. Cable railing is simple, yet strong and durable. It far outlives your immediate investment, providing you value and visual appeal for many years to come.

So, call us today! We’ll work with you one-on-one to make the most accurate and highest-quality product possible.

Our Story

Many business ideas start with the realization that there is a need not being met in the market. That’s where the story of Cable Railing Direct began.

In 2008, our founder Eric Reimer was involved in a deck project that resulted in disappointment after he received flimsy materials that didn’t meet his expectations. Not only that, the company mixed and matched materials that weren’t meant to go together. Things got worse after dealing with the company’s customer service, which provided little to no assistance.

Eric knew that, when done properly, cable railing systems come with many advantages, including unobstructed views, minimal maintenance, durability and the simple beauty of their design.

Driven by the inadequacy of other railing companies and drawing upon his professional experience in construction, carpentry, remodeling, and deck building, Eric was inspired to design a new type of post built specifically to withstand the tension of cable infill.

From his frustration, came innovation.

Eric teamed up with a Nike designer to create the first-ever aluminum post with internal webbing designed specifically for cable railing. He also developed a method using pressure-blasted coating to color the aluminum, allowing the coloring to better withstand the elements. The result was a sturdy cable railing system that helped Eric and Cable Railing Direct gain a foothold in the market.

As the company grew, Eric was able to bring specialists from various fields into the fold and acquire a 8,000 square foot warehouse space. With his team assembled and adequate space to accommodate supplies and a fabrication shop, Cable Railing Direct could now do all the pre-shipment fabrication in-house

In just a few short years, our company has gone from one man’s idea to a leader in the cable railing industry. With his bad experience with the aforementioned company still firmly ingrained in his mind, Eric adamantly stands by his goal of providing the best cable railing products with the exceptional service he would expect if he was a customer calling Cable Railing Direct.

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