5 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Surprisingly, winter is actually prime time to work on your outdoor space—if you wait until spring, you can put off projects so long that you’ll never get around to fixing up your deck for that perfect BBQ. However, exactly how you choose to upgrade your outdoor space depends on what you want. Do you plan to host epic pool parties, or do you want a meditation garden for the warmer months? Are you looking to plant a garden or put together a screened porch for sipping cocktails mosquito-free?

There are countless ways to upgrade, so let your imagination set the limits. Plus, if you start projects now, you can slowly add to them and stick within a budget. Here are some of the most popular trends in outdoor space for 2015 to consider:

1. Install deck railing

Not only does it look gorgeous, it’s critical if your deck overlooks a slope or ridge. Children, pets, and clumsy guests might not be able to gauge just how far they can lean over without falling. Even a small fall of a couple feet can be dangerous.

2. Consider potted gardens

So, you don’t have the land for a full-fledged garden, but dream of growing your own herbs and veggies? Potted gardens are often easier to care for and big space savers. Plus, you can enjoy more variety since you can move them indoors, out of direct sunlight, or to your deck when the weather isn’t to their liking.

3. Plant more greenery and flowers

You don’t need to have a certified green thumb in order to have a luscious flower garden. Choose plants and flowers that are native to your region and don’t require much care. If you need recommendations, your local greenhouse will happily provide them. As an added bonus, you can add prickly shrubs like roses below windows to help deter burglars.

4. Re-stain your deck

Is your deck a little worse for wear? A good sanding, staining or painting can make it look brand new and dramatically change the aesthetics of your home. In fact, many Realtors recommend a deck re-staining for curb appeal since it adds a lot of value to a home with very little money or effort.

5. Upgrade your shutters

Just like a photo, your windows need framing if you want them to be a major focal point. Plus, they can help blackout your interior spaces when needed—like when you want to sleep in or host a movie night. Shutters are a relatively easy DIY project and you can customize them with paints or stains.

It’s not just the inside of your home that counts. Make use of your entire property and encourage more outdoor socializing by making small improvements over the winter and spring months. By the time summer rolls around, your home will be the go-to spot for social gatherings.

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